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DELETER Neopiko-4 Watercolor Brush Pen W-002 - Orange

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DELETER Neopiko-4 Watercolor Brush Pen - Orange (W-002)

NEOPIKO-4 is handmade watercolor brush. This is widely used for watercolor sketch, coloring, illustration in comics, letter arts, postcards, and calligraphy. Use these brush pens to create a variety of beautiful watercolor effects. 




    1. Dip the brush in water, then draw to create beautiful shading.

    2. Draw with the brushes first, then go over them with a water brush to create blurring and wash effects in specific areas.

    3. Wet the paper and draw on it before it dries to create a soft spread of color.

    4. Draw with two or more colors, then blend them together with a water brush to create color gradations.

    5. Mix colors on a palette to create new colors!


    • Non-toxic, Water-based, dye-based ink
    • Blendable colors
    • Handmade brush tip, made of special fibers for great elasticity and shape retention

    **** CAUTION ****

    • Tighten the cap firmly after use. 
    • Put the brush downward for about two minutes when ink thins.
    • Dip water when the brush is dry.
    • After use, wipe off excess water and close the cap after use, then put it downward for several days.