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DELETER Trial Pen Set

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DELETER Trial Pen Set

Want to start your own manga, but don't know where to begin? If so, this DELETER trial pen set is just the pack for you! It includes basic tools ready to use right of the box, so you can start practicing on the go. This compact kit is especially useful for getting used to different types of pen tips. 

This package includes:

  • Postcard-size Comic Book Paper (3 Sheets)
    • The manuscript paper for manga widely used by professionals and amateurs alike.  
  • DELETER Pen Holder
    • With this pen holder, you can use 3 different pen nibs: Maru-pen, G-pen, and Saji-pen
  • Pen Nibs
    • Maru-pen
      • You can use it for detailed parts like the wrinkles in clothes or thin lines. It is smooth on the paper and some people use it for drawing main lines.
    • G-pen
      • It's flexible pen tip can be used for both thick and thin lines. A must-have item for powerful line effects
    • Saji-pen
      • Also called Tama-pen or Kabura-pen. You can draw smooth uniform lines with its hard tip. Great for beginners.

*** Ink is not included. For beginner, DELETER Black 1 is  recommended. ***


Made in Japan by DELETER

"DELETER" is the premier manufacturer of comic art materials in Japan.

Since 1984, as a result of constant developing and improvements, DELETER products have been a major art material supplier to both art schools and professional Japanese comic artists. Their products are available at over 500 stores in Japan and exported worldwide to over 86 countries.